ok now listen up bitch! I scanned these pictures for your viewing pleasure. I'm going to scan the atlanta pics tomorrow or later today. Being that it is 7:15 AM I think i shall get some sleep 'cos I've been up all this time. 9hey isn't that a tiffany song? I decided not to email you being that you will read this. Am I mad? Yup! But you know that already. I haven't made any pages up except for this one in wich it's just pictures for YOU! So no one else can see it. Beware my love is cooler and I still like My Love!! Oh by the way, I'm in the lead for a El poster for you, but no promises. Hopefully I'll get it um hmm.. So being that I'm friggin' tired I'm going to go. Talk to you later. ~Kirstin

ahh how cute
shiiit! I don't wanna mess with her!
I've been sent to tell ya
you're one angry chap Paul
it must be john
so good looking!!
if you ever...
oh c'mon it's only a joke
john must be heavy or something
180 pounds??
it's all your fault Ringo!
that's you
Ahh! :)
ha ha
I'm so snotty
Tom go and talk about my money again
ahh! :)
he's so good looking!!
12 again?
URRR URRRR URRRRRR!!!!!! here's a picture of the tom baker mag that some bastard had to out bid me on. I like the pic with the michrophone. hee hee!!!

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