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What's that you're doing Paul?

My feelings on Paul deciding to stop Club Sandwich
As a huge Paul fan I couldn't wait to open up my mail box and find the latest issue of Paul's fun club magazine Club Sandwich. Each issue was filled with interesting news, pictures, cross word puzzels, and everything else about Paul. Not to mention the opening letters by Sue and the histerical pieces written by Geoff Baker. As a fun club member, I was able to hear of McCartney happenings before many heard of them. I was able to purchase McCartney merchandice and decent prices. And there are no words to desribe the joy that everyone who was a member of the club got when they read their Club Sandwich. So I wasnt to know why Paul is taking it away. Part of me understands and respects his decision to not want to do the club because it was something that he and Linda started and shared. But, the other part would love to ask "Isn't there a way that you can re-think of this Paul?" However, being the huge fan I am, I will respect his desision and go on... looking for the bright side of this of coarse. Perhaps something new will come out of this. Perhaps in a while someone close to Paul or maybe even Paul himself will have another club or magazine for his fans. Maybe a newsletter. I don't know. I am only hoping. Lossing Club Sandwich plainly sucks! That's all that comes to my head when I think of this situation. It sucks! However, I must say that their last issue was certianly a powerful one. One in wich I truely enjoyed. I personally can't see Paul taking something away from his fans and not doing something else. However, I don't know the man personally (unfortunatyl!). Perhaps this is the an end of an era, but the begining of a new one. Who knows what Paul will bring to us in the future. No matter what it brings I will stand behind Paul all the way. Even if I don't like it. That's what a ture fan is. Just my personal feelings and that's all.

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